“What you choose also chooses you.”
― Kamand Kojouri

Commencing June 2020 the image shown in Photo of the Month will be selected from all submissions from the weekly competitions at the Tina Conyard Photography Group page on Facebook. The image will also receive comments on why it has been chosen.

September 2020 – Happy Memories
by Natasha King

This image was Natasha’s entry in the weekly competition which had the chosen theme of ‘Happy Memories’. This photo is the epitome of happiness and captures such a care free time that most of us can relate to in our own childhood. Technically I find it pleasing that all of the children are in sharp focus as they jump in the air…well done. I love that your picture tells a story and I can imagine the fun day had by all.

August 2020 – Water
by Una Catley

This image was Una’s entry in the weekly competition which had the chosen theme of ‘Water’. I have chosen this photo for several reasons. The way in which the light catches and bounces off the water creates a bright abundance of pure energy which reflects in the sheer delight and anticipation of the individual who’s happiness is apparent. I love the contrast of the person’s silhouette against the sparkling backdrop of the sea. This image is vibrant and pleases me technically and aesthetically. Thank you for sharing Una.

July 2020 – Reflections
by Richard Conyard

This image was Richard’s second entry in the weekly competition which had the chosen theme of ‘Reflections’. Its description was ‘Venice, Zaterre reflected in a hotel doorway’. I picked this image for several reasons, the main one being that the glimpse seen of Zaterre made me feel excited and intrigued, I felt as though I wanted to explore buildings and wander within the canals and alleys of Venice. Technically I think the photo is cleverly taken and very sharp. It is at an angle which makes you feel as though you are looking out of a door rather than seeing a reflection. The omission of people pollution definitely adds to the capture. Thank you for sharing Richard.

June 2020 – Shadow & Light by Stephen King

Stephens image was also the winner of the week based on the theme ‘Shadow and Light’. I chose this from the many photos that had been entered in the weekly competitions on the Facebook Group Page for several reasons. The photo has been taken in brilliant sunshine that has been totally blocked in the image by the cheeky stance of the girl standing on the wall, a few inches either way would have created a completely different illusion. The selected framing of the image emphasises shadow and light in such a wonderfully pleasing way. The ‘two thirds’ rule has worked magically depicting blackness against the brilliance of the sun behind the child. All in all an absolute stunner… thank you Stephen King.

May 2020 – Friendship

April 2020 – Roses are Red