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A passion for photography started when she was young. Her Dad had his own developing equipment. Many an hour she would watch him in his ‘blackout’ room, which was their family bathroom, a shelf with hinges fitted snug against the wall which came down and made a temporary table over the bath and blackout blankets at the window. Tina was in awe of the magical process as blank paper turned into images of people, flowers and places…mostly in black and white. She remembers the all-encompassing darkness and the red light, the smell of chemicals and the line across the ceiling where her Dad ‘pegged’ up the photos to dry thoroughly.

During Tina’s adulthood, she became ‘busy’; busy with children; busy with work; busy with homemaking; busy socialising and just plain busy never finding enough time to do her hobbies. Sadly her father died in 2004 and the memories of his passion for photography came flooding back and Tina decided it was time for her to ‘give it a go’.

As the decades have progressed since those early days, so too have the advances in photography. Nowadays it is so easy to capture a digital image and to alter colour, tone, shape along with so many other amendments until you are satisfied with the finished result. In the days when Tina’s Dad took a photo, it was the pure skill of the photographer and the art of capturing the intended result at the point of pressing the button.

When Tina takes a photo she tries to think about capturing a technically pleasing frame, although she still likes to ‘play around’ with the image in Adobe Photoshop or other suitable software to further enhance it.

Tina is a fan of Nikon Cameras. It took her a long time to decide on which camera to purchase. Currently, she uses a Nikon D7100 SLR. She has also used a Sony RX100IV or her iPhone.  Tina states that she likes to capture real life as it happens as once the precise moment has gone it can never be recaptured unless on camera. Life continually evolves and changes and it is not until looking back at a captured image that you can fully appreciate just how much may have changed.

In September 2016, Tina’s husband survived a massive stroke. Their entire life changed in an instant. Tina is now her husband’s full-time carer but insists that she is firstly still his wife and best friend. Under the current circumstances, Tina does not have the opportunity to visit different places or the luxury of sitting quietly for hours in order to ‘take’ an ideal shot. Tina decided to create this website to enable her to share some of the photographs that she has enjoyed capturing over the years.