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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Tina Conyard and I am over half a century old. I have been married for forty one years to my husband Robert. We have six children and eight grandchildren.

My passion for photography started when I was young. My dad had his own developing equipment. Many an hour I would watch him in his ‘black out’ room, which was our family bathroom, a shelf pulled down over the bath and blankets at the window. I was in awe of the magic process as blank paper turned into a treasured captured moment in time.

Over the years I became ‘busy’, busy with children, busy with work, busy with home making, busy socialising and just plain busy. However over the last decade or so I have managed to find time to rekindle my passion of taking photos.

Times have changed, unfortunately I don’t have any developing equipment, but I am the owner of  Nikon D7100 SLR Camera which has provided me with endless opportunities of capturing moments in time. Life continually evolves and changes and it is not until you look back at a photo that you are able to fully appreciate it.

In September 2016, my darling husband survived a massive stroke. Our life changed in an instance. Although I am firstly his wife, I am also his fulltime carer. At the moment I do not have the opportunity to visit places, or the luxury of sitting quietly for hours in order to ‘take’ an ideal shot. So my friends, I have decided to create this website to enable me to share some of the photographs I have enjoyed creating.

Please feel free to provide feedback good or bad (constructive not destructive)….